Manitoba Offers some of the best Whitetail Deer Hunting in North America!

guy hunted deerWe hunt trophy whitetails near the northwest corner of Riding Mountain National Park where the virgin forest and highly productive agricultural fields meet.  We have made a significant investment in this area with the purchase of 1000 acres of fantastic whitetail hunting property.  Hunting also takes place on other private and government land.  We outfit only six whitetail hunters annually with a very large land base to hunt on.

The All Inclusive Package:

Our all inclusive hunting package includes:

  • Guiding
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Gutting
  • Skinning and Freezing
  • License
  • Taxes
 Items we recommend bringing with you include:

  • Coolers to transport meat
  • All personal items
  • Guns, ammunition, calls, etc.
  • Special foods and alcohol

Archery, Muzzle Loader, and Rifle hunting is offered. Heated hunting shacks, tree stands, ladder stands, and ground blinds are used. We use grunt calls and rattle antlers in some instances. These deer hunts are fair chase with no baiting.

Manitoba Whitetail Deer 6 day hunt costs $3,500.00 USD per person ($500.00 deposit is required to book a hunt).
*We have limited availability! We invite you to call today for details: 204-937-4007

2018 Dates

Archery: August 27th thru November 11th
Muzzle Loading: October 29th thru November 11th
Rifle: November 12th thru November 25th
Join us in “BIG BUCK COUNTRY” this Fall to hunt trophy whitetails. One wolf or coyote can also be taken.

Camp Esnagi Moose Hunts 2018

Moose Hunted at Camp Esnagi with Guide and HunterCamp Esnagi’s top notch moose guide is Mathew Poulin. He has been a local resident all of his life, and an avid moose hunter through his teenage and adult years. Mathew has a college education, receiving diplomas in the areas of forestry, environmental sciences and fish/wildlife resource management. He has a keen “bush” sense and a true passion for outdoor pursuits, with moose hunting at the top of his list.

Mathew is a very experienced moose hunter and has spent many seasons hunting wildlife management unit 22, which is Camp Esnagi’s home turf. He has personally harvested 23 moose; 5 of these have been 55 plus inch bulls, all taken with a compound bow. Moose hunting is a real adrenaline rush for Mathew, having called numerous trophy bull moose into killing range of a bow (5-20 yards he states).

Mathew looks forward to sharing his moose hunting knowledge with you and guiding you on a successful moose hunt at Camp Esnagi very soon.

We absolutely enjoy bringing big bull moose onto the dock at Camp Esnagi! Join us for a tremendous moose hunt this year!

2018 Archery Season (September 22nd – October 12th)

The archery season includes crossbow. Licence, Outdoor Card and Train Fare cost are hunters responsibility. Anytime fishing included.

AVAILABLE – Fully Guided Archery (crossbow)
September 22nd – September 28th, 2018
2 Hunters 2 Bull Moose

AVAILABLE – Fully Guided Archery (crossbow)
September 29th – October 5th, 2018
1 Hunter Bull Moose (to join already booked hunter)

Phone Paul to customize an archery hunt to fit your needs anytime between September 30th and October 12th, 2018.
Phone: 204-451-0400

2018 Gun Season – SOLD OUT

Resident: October 13th – November 14th
Non Resident: October 15th – November 14th
Phone Paul at 204-451-0400 to discuss and customize a moose gun hunt to fit your needs. Any size groups welcome.

*If you’re booking Non Resident Bull Moose Hunts for 2019 in archery, crossbow, muzzle loader or rifle, phone Paul!