Manitoba offers some of the best Whitetail Deer hunting in North America!

We hunt trophy whitetails near the northwest corner of Riding Mountain National Park where the virgin forest and highly productive agricultural fields meet.  We have made a significant investment in this area with the purchase of 1000 acres of fantastic whitetail hunting property.  Hunting also takes place on other private and government land.  We outfit only six whitetail hunters annually with a very large land base to hunt on.


Taken by muzzle loader. Official score is 191 4/8 non typical.
This deer was shot on our own property.

Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Archery, Muzzle Loader and Rifle hunting is offered. Heated hunting shacks, tree stands, ladder stands, and ground blinds are used. We use grunt calls and rattle antlers in some instances. These deer hunts are fair chase with no baiting. This is an all inclusive hunting package. It includes guiding, meals, accommodations, gutting, skinning and freezing of your trophy.


These are all inclusive hunting packages, the only responsibility of the hunters is to come prepared to hunt (i.e., equipment and clothing wise) and be prepared for all types of conditions that mother nature can throw at you, any type of weather can and often does show up during your hunt.



Manitoba Whitetail Deer 6 day Hunt: $3,500.00 USD per person    


  • Meals;
  • Accommodations;
  • Guiding;
  • Gutting;
  • Skinning;
  • License;
  • Taxes.

Items to Bring:

  • Coolers to transport meat
  • All personal items
  • Guns, ammunition, calls, etc
  • Special Foods and alcohol 

2018 Dates

  • Archery Aug 27 thru Nov 11
  • Muzzle Loading Oct 29 thru Nov 11
  • Rifle Nov 12 thru Nov 25

conway buck 2017

155 inch green score 2016

$500 deposit is required to book a hunt. 


Join us in "BIG BUCK COUNTRY" this Fall to Hunt Trophy Whitetails.

One Wolf or Coyote can also be taken

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